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Dyer  Transportation Services is one of the largest providers of luxury transportation services.  Dyer  Transportation Services has been a family owned and operated business since its incorporation in 1998. Dyer Transportation Services has grown from owning one vehicle to having access to more than 100 vehicles. Our company serves the metropolitan areas from our headquarters convenient to San Francisco and Oakland airports.


Thanks to our Founder's innovative business strategies over the last two decades, Dyer Transportation Services has enjoyed continued growth despite regional and national economic downturns. Starting with the diversification into wedding transportation in the early 2000s, the Founder expanded the business into new market segments such as not for profit contracts and group transport. Even as shuttle contracts led to exponential growth for the company, he created new markets on the charter side, such as the company’s signature wine and Chinatown tours.


Dyer  Transportation for decades has enjoyed a sterling reputation for reliability, safety and attention to customer service. We maintain the highest safety standards in part to our training and safety manager and our Operations Center, which includes a dispatch center and a detailing, maintenance and repair facility.




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