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Oakland Beer Crawl Stop #1

First stop on the premier launch of the Oakland Beer Crawl is 7th West. This graffiti sprayed gem is located on the corner of 7th and Union , 1 block from the West Oakland Bart Station across from the Crucible. Upon entering, you are immediately impressed by the size of the location. The warehouse space is filled with 80's arcade games and a huge sound system playing music reminiscent of your party days. The bartenders are friendly, stylish and experts with making exotic drinks. My advice is to play it safe. My drink of choice = vodka tonic.

The truly amazing surprise is the food. Chef Baby Faced Mark slays with entrees influenced by the Jeepney Food Culture of the Philippines. This young chef is mixing local cooking styles with exotic techniques from his homeland. Generational dishes like Slow Roasted Pork Belly and Mochiko Chicken are highly recommended, reasonably priced and the entrees are served in hearty portions. In addition, the chef offers vegan/vegetarian fare that is more than worthy of a main meal. The WakeUp - WakeUp and Grilled King Oyster Mushroom sandwich are both great choices that are both hearty and GAF.

Lastly, before you leave, please make sure to stop by the patio for the amazing view. The seating and space you will experience highlight the West Oakland skyline. While this may be the first stop on the beer crawl, it is an amazing beginning to a new experience for Oakland night life. I cant wait to see what is next.

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