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Oakland Beer Crawl Stop #2 Old Kan

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

This gem nestled on the edge of Jack London Square on Linden street is Amazing. Their passion for great beer , Michelin 1 star food and a warm , friendly, and in gauging staff is evident. They have 2 large tasting rooms as well as a spacious and comfortable patio, with plenty of off street parking.

The owner Adam , who is the Master Brewer at old kan is usually hanging out in their smaller tasting room, answering brewing question , offering suggestions and is quick to give you a tour. If you drop by let him know , Oakland beer Crawl says hello,

They have a great variety of beers and are quick to offer a suggestion and taste.I enjoy the OG or the gold kan , which is a pale ale. All their draft are beyond reasonably priced 5.00 drafts now a days are hard to come by, but don't confuse their quality with the price of the product, they make awesome, locally sourced , high quality beer, no doubt.

I had their Cheddar cheese soup, Fried Chicken Sandwich and their in house baked chocolate chip cookie.The soup is made with Old kan og brew which is a smoked porter, it has a rich flavor. The chicken Sandwich was a crispy, juicy, and well seasoned .It was a nice size as well, we shared it between 3 people, and the cookie....The COOKIE...It finished the meal perfectly.The Oakland Beer Crawl is proud to have them on board.

Make sure you enjoy old kan on the Oakland beer crawl.


beer pic
5.oo Drafts , what a deal

menu Pic
Great Menu

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